The future is freelance: research by Kalido

UK freelancers

50% of UK workers set to freelance by 2020.

It’s staggering to think that 50% of UK workers are set to freelance by 2020. And since we’re all about helping people find more opportunities in life, especially if this means starting your own business or side gig, we thought it might be useful to conduct some research on what freelancers, business owners, and employees think about the changing world of work.  Our research uncovered some interesting facts. Like these:

50% of UK workers set to freelance by 2020

So, what can we conclude from all this? Well, for starters, freelancing can be a much more attractive option than full-time employment for somebody else: offering a decent income, a healthy work/life balance, and projects that actually interest you. In addition, more and more people will be taking the leap into freelancing, conveniently coinciding with more people wanting to hire freelancers. And for both service providers and clients, recommendations and referrals remain one of the best sources for finding good people.

The data backs our very raison d’être – to help everyone (especially you) find relevant online contacts, turn those contacts into genuine connections in the real world, and thereby find plenty of useful opportunities every day. Not on Kalido? Download now.

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