Work smarter not harder: easy to say, hard to do

work smarter not harder
How do you actually work smarter?

We recently discussed how employees are increasingly experiencing burnout. When raising the topic in the workplace, the response is often ‘work smarter, not harder’. But how do you actually do that?

1) Put the comms away

Data shows 70% of us have email and the like open all day burying ourselves in endless chains of minutia. We discuss some tips on breaking this habit here. In short, close the channels you don’t need, and set time aside to respond to people leaving you free to focus on what’s important to you.

2) Improve your time management

Time waits for no one. Back to back meetings don’t leave time to work, or even to reflect on the decisions you made in those meetings. Attend only the meetings you need to; actively clarify the purpose of a meeting up front, help to drive decisions in meetings; leave meetings that lack a clear purpose; and only invest time in fighting battles that are worth winning, and that you can win. Reschedule meetings that would otherwise result in full-day meeting schedules. Block specific time to rest and refuel if needed.

3) Fill your toolbox thoughtfully

The world is full of productivity tools. Choose a small set of high value tools that help you achieve your goals without requiring constant switching. And consider a tool like Kalido, that helps you understand which people can help you best, at every moment in your day, and much more.

4) Many hands make light work

When in a corner, we often try to fight our own way out. Instead, try to leverage the network you have to help you find creative solutions. Kalido can uncover all the skills you are surrounded by within your organisation or community. Tap into these skills to collaborate and delegate, letting you finish more projects in less time.

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