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How we run an efficient startup

Here at the Kalido office, we find many people from all walks of life — entrepreneurs, consultants, managers, and others — who are interested in how and why we structure our work and processes the way we do. Some of … Read More


How we think about privacy and safety at Kalido

At Kalido, we’re constantly balancing between giving our users more information to help them make great matches, and limiting access to information to protect everyone’s privacy. Our COO, Ashvin Sologar, discusses how we balance useful v.s. creepy every day.

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Kalido: The Vision (from the horse’s mouth) — Part Two

Our COO, Ashvin Sologar, loves to tell people about Kalido. And one of things he loves to discuss most is why Kalido exists in the first place. If you missed it, catch up on Part 1 here. Or jump straight … Read More

Ashvin Sologar

Kalido: The Vision (from the horse’s mouth) — Part One

When people think of startups, the immediate questions which pop up are ‘How did you do it?’, ‘How much do you make?’ or perhaps ‘When do you sleep?’. But to us, one of the most important questions is ‘Why do … Read More

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3 lessons we learnt about marketing in emerging economies

When you have a great product, it just sort of sells itself. Doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? Well…no. In fact, not at all. Regardless of the quality of your product, a considered and consistent marketing plan is always necessary to help … Read More