The value of employee profiles

We all want to connect with others. But devices are increasingly isolating us. And when 50% of the UK workforce are set to be freelance by 2020, that’s a concern for companies and individuals alike. With this shift comes greater reliance on remote collaboration, which requires greater investment in technology that helps people connect, like Kalido.

Good connection tools don’t just let you chat, or edit documents together. They let you share who you are, find out who other people are, and connect you in ways that feel human. But even if you have a great collaboration tool that supports rich profiles for users, you (and your organisation) won’t get any value from it unless everyone invests a few minutes in creating a great profile.

Here’s why you should invest in a profile that showcases your whole self, no matter what collaboration tool you’re using:

1) Put faces to names

the value of employee profiles
Hello I’m…

You are 34 times more likely to have successful interactions face-to-face than over email. But finding faces in a company can be tough. Instead of sifting through an endless sea of names and job titles, profiles allow you to put a face to a name, so you can get up, find someone, and have a discussion. Without a profile, people who need you are less likely to find you.

2) Create networking opportunities

employee profiles set up
Profiles help you connect the dots.

Your network is your most powerful underappreciated asset. It is the key to unlocking future opportunities for you both inside and outside an organisation. Connecting with your colleagues creates opportunities to progress in your career and help others do the same. An up to date and in depth profile makes it easier for colleagues to approach you, get to know you, and find things you have in common. These meaningful connections could then turn into opportunities that shape your career.

3) Onboard faster

collaboration software
Form your understanding of your new environment quickly.

Companies are a revolving door of talent. New hires are always joining. Help everyone get connected by investing a few more minutes on your profile. If you’re new, it will others reach out to you; and if you’re not, it will keep you connected to the freshest talent. Better profiles mean faster connections, which lets everyone drive more impact.

4) Connect remotely

connect remote teams
We are all in freelance mode now.

A 2018 study of executives from 90 countries found that 89% of respondents were on at least one remote team. 88% said that the teams are critical to their daily work, and 62% said that they work on teams with three or more cultures. But face-to-face meetings are declining, with 48% of those surveyed having never met their other virtual team members in person. Rich profiles that share who you are, personally and professionally, can help to bridge this gap, especially since 84% of respondents report that virtual communication is more difficult than in-person communication. Profiles for remote team members are not a silver bullet, but are essential to effective remote teamwork.

Next level profiles from Kalido

Traditional social media and corporate intranet profiles offer a very narrow view of you, either intensely focused on a stream of your posts, or stiffly presenting a curated view of your work history. Kalido profiles give an in depth view of the actual skills you possess, the kinds of skills you’re looking for, and the things you’re interested in, while also letting you easily link to other social platforms to showcase your blog, portfolio, code contributions, video channels, and more. And Kalido’s AI will intelligently match you with people looking for your skills, with no work required on your part.

When you join a Kalido network, you get access to the profiles of its members. See what skills they have, and find common ground to connect. Chat or call people directly from the app, and add them to your personal network if you trust them, and want to get a reminder when they’re nearby, and you haven’t connected in a while. Easily make and receive introductions to interesting individuals who can help you. And make and request personal recommendations for your skills, and theirs. 
Building and maintaining your profile takes time and effort. But good profiles are an investment into future opportunities that can shape your entire career. That’s why, at Kalido, we take them to the next level.

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