Why having a talent management strategy matters

A talent management strategy is crucial for any business. A well-defined strategy empowers an organisation to attract, develop, motivate, and retain top talent, ensuring that it has the right people with the right skills in the right positions at the … Read More

Recruitment and the deceptive appeal of Large Language Models

For hiring managers, using Large Language Models (LLMs) to rank CVs seems to offer the perfect, speedy solution to a traditionally laborious stage of the recruitment process. The appeal of LLMs lies in their apparent ability to deliver quick, intuitive … Read More

Are traditional approaches to talent management holding your business back?

Talent management has historically focused on recruiting and retaining talent. But this approach largely ignores the importance of employee development and internal mobility.  Talent Mobility Management is a forward-thinking approach that recognises the need not only to attract and retain … Read More

Are you ready for employee engagement software that actually works?

Disengaged employees cost the world $8.8 trillion in lost productivity, according to Gallup. As businesses recognise the importance of their human capital, cultivating employee engagement emerges as a strategic imperative for long-term success. Truly engaged employees are not just contributors; … Read More

diversity and inclusion initiatives

Where’s the real inclusion revolution?

An interview with Kalido Co-founder, Sanjay Varma Recently, we sat down with our Co-founder, Sanjay Varma to discuss Diversity and Inclusion. In this interview, we cover some of the pertinent issues, along with ideas on what organisations can do better … Read More

Navigating the latest Supreme Court decision on affirmative action: insights for company recruiting

In a recent, game-changing move, the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in higher education admissions, raising questions about its potential impact on corporate recruiting practices. While this decision doesn’t directly affect workplace laws, it prompts companies to reevaluate their … Read More

internal talent marketplace

Have you got what it takes to build a true talent marketplace? 

Of course, the tech you use to create a talent marketplace that drives your business and empowers your employees is crucial. But there are other vital ingredients that are often overlooked. Is your culture fit for purpose? The current culture … Read More

pros and cons of a reorg

The pros and cons of a reorg

During uncertain or rapidly changing times, many businesses consider undergoing a reorganisation. Goals typically include streamlining the business for efficiency, cutting costs, successfully implementing new technology and innovations, and tearing up old processes that limit thinking. Two-thirds of reorgs produce … Read More

The future of work is about more than wfh

The recent conversation around the future of work has focused on working from home, after millions of employees reported the better work-life balance achieved, and the significant boost to employee wellbeing and productivity. Companies have been proactive in trying to … Read More

Why customer AND employee experience are your brand

Great advertising and smart marketing campaigns are no longer the backbones of your brand. Now, your customer and employee experience are the crucial cornerstones: neglect them at your peril. Why your customers and employees will define your brand Having a … Read More

how to help stressed team members

Warning signs of a stressed team member – and what to do about it

Employee wellbeing has been a priority for effective leaders for some time. But no one was expecting the extra complications that a worldwide pandemic would bring. For the global workforce, this has meant dealing with new triggers of stress, as … Read More

How to be a successful hybrid work leader

As The Great Working From Home Experiment comes to a close, it’s clear that a return for the majority to full-time office working is unlikely. In fact, nine out of ten organisations will be combining remote and onsite working, according … Read More

remote working

Excited about returning to the office? You might be in the minority

We ran a small poll on Twitter and found that only 3% of respondents would like to return to the office full time. Whereas 59% said they wanted to remain working remotely from home. And over a third said they … Read More

remote onboarding tips

Remote onboarding: how to effectively onboard talent in a pandemic

A year ago, digital transformation in the workplace was something, for the most part, that only elite level enterprises were actively embarking on. Then came the pandemic. The stock market crashed, offices closed overnight and all social events were cancelled. … Read More

Our values in action: Part Three

Kalido’s values lie at the heart of our culture. This series looks at how members of Team Kalido use the values to inspire the way they work.  Transparency: why a see-through company is the future Kalido strives to be a … Read More

the value of teamwork and generosity

Our values in action: Part Two

In this series, we’re exploring Kalido’s values and what it really means to our team to put them into action.  Generosity: why holding back isn’t an option at Kalido Being generous with our time, skills, knowledge and contacts makes us … Read More

inclusion in the workplace

Our values in action: Part One

At Kalido, our values are central to the vision of our business and the way we work. That’s why our recruitment process includes a values interview: it’s crucial that everyone on Team Kalido shares our values and can readily put … Read More

using machine learning to create professional matches

Empowering enterprise: How we use machine learning to create new opportunities

At Kalido, our mission is to connect people with economic opportunities. Many of our features that achieve this are powered and enhanced using clever AI/machine learning algorithms. One of which is our skill matching technology. The skill matcher is sort … Read More

kalido tech pioneer 2020 wef

Kalido Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum announced its selection of the most promising Technology Pioneers of 2020, who are shaping industries from agriculture to healthcare while also working on sustainability issues and much more. Many Technology Pioneers are also using their tech … Read More

agile working practises

Lean…agile…WFH – Adventures in productivity

To unlock latent productivity, as seen in the lockdown, companies must seize the moment to holistically invest in employee well-being, beyond just flexible working. A new normal in the making? More than a billion of us have been taking part … Read More